Mission Statement

The Gardens' mission is to enhance the independence and quality of life of each resident by providing:

A comfortable, tastefully decorated, safe, and secure residential community;

Friendly, caring, well-trained twenty-four hour on-site staff recruited from the local community;

Personal care services to meet each resident's specific physical needs for daily living assistance;

Plentiful and varied program opportunities to meet the social, spiritual, and recreational needs of each resident;

Superior physical amenities and services at an affordable rate.



8 Glen Hill Road
Danbury, CT

To see for yourself what The Gardens can add to your life, call 203-748-0506 for a personal tour. We welcome you anytime.

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Up to Now
The average age of the people currently residing at The Gardens is 87-years-old. That fact and the upcoming holiday got this writer to thinking about how when they were children, Christmas was about family and caring instead of money and grabbing. That, in turn, led to all the changes these people have witnessed during their lives.

The following is a fun little timeline of the last 87 years, leaving out a lot (but not all) of the “bad” stuff.

1931-The Empire State Building opens in NYC.
1935-The government creates Social Security.
1936-Life Magazine is founded.
1939-WWII begins and Roosevelt is first president to give a speech on TV.
1940-Bugs Bunny debuts.
1943-Frank Sinatra signs with Columbia Records and is a huge hit.
1945-The war ends.
1947-Milton Berle becomes Mr. Television.
1950-Peanuts comic strip debuts.
1954-The Tonight Show debuts with Steve Allen as host.
1955-Disneyland opens. Jonas Salk develops the polio vaccine. McDonald’s opens.
1958-NASA is formed.
1959-Alaska & Hawaii become states.
1961-Alan Shepard is the first American in space.
1962-John Glenn is the first American to orbit the earth.
1963-President John Kennedy is assassinated.
1966-The National Organization for Women is formed.
1968-Martin Luther King, Jr. is assassinated.
1973-Roe vs. Wade.
1981-Sandra Day O’Connor is the first woman to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court.
1989-The Simpsons debuts.
1990-The World Wide Web is invented.
1998-President Bill Clinton is caught frolicking with intern Monica Lewinsky.
2000-The Gardens opens.
2003-The space shuttle, Columbia, carrying the first teacher is space, explodes.
2005-Hurricane Katrina wipes out New Orleans.
2008-The stock markets crashes.
2009-America elects her first black president.
2011-Osama Bin Laden is killed.
2012-The Sandy Hook Tragedy. Hurricane Sandy brings a couple to The Gardens.
2013-Prince George of England is born.
2018-The Gardens is still the best place in town!

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